Our "1st Steps..." program is in place for individuals with past criminal involvement that don't know where to start.  We work with individuals that are being released from incarceration, as well as those that are presently in the community.  We create tailored life plans necessary to see you become successful in the face of your past criminal involvement. 

This program is a life support group that meets every Monday night at 7pm to support individuals with past criminal involvement.  We aim to remove the stigma from the word Felon, because in the eyes of society individuals with any level of past criminal involvement is deemed untouchable.  As a result of this life support group we will pair individuals who are in need of mentoring with individuals that have made successes of their life, post conviction.   (Meeting address: 9525 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901) 


1st Steps...

Felons 4 Life! "Felons 4 Life "supporting" Life 4 Felons..."